Midground A10

I want to break free!

  1. :)

    -removed doors that open after short time from round start because now there is invisible wall on mid at the beginning of round so it means that doors became redundant
    -some small detailing
  2. bot fix & some details

    -now bots should work fine after typing "nav_generate" in console
    (before they would get stuck in some areas)
    -small details added
  3. ok

    -added invisible wall at middle at the beginning to let teams prepare their defences
    -there is also nice countdown on screen to show when wall is down
  4. overhang mid & flag captures in base

    lets try it ;)
  5. flag resets faster now when dropped

    now it takes 3 sec to reset flag position
  6. new doors

    added new doors that open 20 seconds after round started to prevent fast rush to the enemy intel in the beginning. hopefully it will give some briefing room for engies to set up.
  7. slower flag activation

    flag now activate 20 sec after round started
    also you cannot build on top of the flag
  8. who stole the crits?

    -fixed sniper sightline from fence near flag to spawn by adding route
    -now flags enable after 15 sec from round start
    -added signs that show where to put intel
    -added signs for pickups positions
    -removed crits on cap
  9. small fixes

    small skybox optimization
    some crate jumps
    some bug fixes