Metaly Doors 2019.08.22

Metal doors got more metaly

  1. Skylark
    Do you find it weird that if you shoot a metal door it leaves marks that look like the door was made out of concrete?

    Well with these metal will act like metal, which is pretty metal.


    • Move "metalydoors" into tf/custom
    • If you download or already have downloaded Yrrzy's Locked Door Textures move "timer doors" into tf/custom (you should already have a folder named that there, you will be asked about conflicts, click replace/ok)

    ! This download also includes new VMTs for Yrrzy's Locked Door Textures (which will let those doors act like metal too) - this download does not include textures for Yrrzy's doors, you will need to download Yrrzy's download and then copy across the folder in this download and ok the 2 conflicts.


    1. hl2_2019-08-22_22-59-57.png