Metalworks B22

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Symmetrical CP
4.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest reviews

Fuzzy memory, but I played Metalworks in 6s scrims before it was an official map. Was a fun map, straight forward, clear sightlines promoting skillful teamfights and strategies. And it’s set at night, how awesome is it to have nighttime competitive maps? Plays well in pubs too (or casual it’s called now?), my favorite part of the map would be the last to 2nd point interiors.
This is a surprisingly decent 5cp map. I like the nighttime theme you went with, and the texturing/overall aesthetics work nicely with the theme. The spacing of the control points aren't too bad, with the exception of the final point being right out in the open. Some might look at it as an upside, while me personally I think it's a little too easy to cap. Sure, this can make rounds go by faster, but in my opinion it's too far from the spawnpoint.
Granary did this a lot better with it's final point, and that map was the first map not from TFC.

It's still a fun map, I feel like it's underrated.