Meridian rc3

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Meridian rc3

By Shmitz

tc_meridian takes place on a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific. Red team is hatching some maniacal scheme, and Blue has gotten wind of it and is attempting to stop them. Will Blue foil their plan? Will Red triumph and drive Blue off their island?

The gameplay is Territory Control, like tc_hydro, but it uses Capture the Flag instead of Control Points to win each round. We're hoping that the infiltration gameplay will result in fewer round stalemates than the domination gameplay of tc_hydro. At the same time since it only takes one cap to win a round and it changes location each round, we're hoping that this variety of CTF will be more appealing to people who don't like how much of a static turtle some CTF maps can become


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Territorial Control

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Latest reviews

Highly ambitious twist to the Territory Control gamemode that's easier said than done. CTF beautifully compliments TC's short diverse rounds, inside iconic and evocative arenas. Each arena keeps the flag inside a small room with plenty of strategic choices to make around each one without Sentries at every chokepoint.

I believe Meridian has not been accepted officially from its own ambition. The art style seems overly cartoony in places, and perhaps the final base defenses deviate from what Valve considers optimal (without setup time?). Given how old this map is, and the sheer dedication just mapping for the gamemode takes, it may even be a victim of being a pioneer much like other early TF2 maps.

There's so much untapped potential in TC, and I feel like Meridian was a lifeline to challenge ideas like CTF being not viable or TC being stalemate hell. And I think I look up to this map because of that.