Mercenary Park - Gallery 2017-10-24

An edited Merc. Park VMF

  1. DrSquishy
    Welcome to Mercenary Park Gallery - A modified Merc. Park VMF that has the skybox, hints, occluders, skips, triggers and any kind of brush that won't aid how the map looks in hammer! The use for this is to see how models and textures work together, while still being able to reference back to it for later use, and to see how the mapper has used different things to aid their theme!
    Things I edited slightly:
    On point B, I found an unused inaccessible room, so I changed a floor brush to a glass texture as I found it very interesting
    In the bottom corner of the map, something caught my eye. That something was: The meet your match competitive stage, where victors of a competitive match gather, and the losers look on! I was curious on why it was included, and for everyone's use, I moved it next to the skybox (It is that large concrete rectangle)

    If anyone has a particular request for the next gallery map, just ask!

    Hope this helps someone!