Merc Ridge A4

A KOTH map with (hopefully) interesting gameplay

  1. theatreTECHIE
    It's a KOTH map, and the second map that I've released.
    It will be set on the ridge of a mountain, with Blu and Red fighting over the point which is just below an arch of rock.


    1. 2016-01-17_00001.jpg
    2. 2016-01-17_00002.jpg
    3. 2016-01-17_00003.jpg
    4. 2016-01-17_00004.jpg
    5. 2016-01-17_00005.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. A4 (17/1/2016)
  2. A3 (24/12/2015)
  3. A2 (23/12/2015)