Menhir A2b

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Menhir A2b

A mysterious monolith has fallen from the sky!

Menhir (originally Monolith, but two people already took that name) is a KoTH map with a big focus on verticality. It is also my first map, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

It centers around a tall structure in the middle of the map that players move and fight around. It's also meant to be relatively casual and fast-paced, especially in comparison with other KoTH maps. I don't expect to see any competitive play on it any time soon.

Thank you for checking it out, and please consider leaving some constructive criticism!
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Minor update

    Alpha 2b changes: - Changed the skybox and lighting based on feedback. - Readded a wall to block a ludicrous sightline. (will probably keep adjusting) - Moved and added health kits to make them easier to find. - Replaced ladders with ramps...
  2. Alpha 2

    Alpha 2 changes: - Changed the skybox to one that fits my idea of the map's theme better. - Tweaked layout to add more paths to the point. - Based on feedback, made the map bigger, removed a wall and a door, and moved a health pack. - Added more...