Memehell (placeholder) WIP1

Aka KoTH_I-Just-Discovered-The-Model-Browser

  1. Spebby
    Keep in mind this map is still in WIP, it's not done yet. The only reason I am uploading this is so I can test if this map crashes on other peoples computer. You see, this map crashes whenever I try to playtest it, whenever an HHH spawns my game crashes. I want to know if it crashes for other people. If your game crashes open task manager and force quit HL2/TF2. Try each of the buttons, and use mat_fullbright 1.

    Welcome to Memehell! A hell constructed out of memes.
    Pictures later. A lot of this map is still being made, only the first point is finished.

    This map will be an entry into the 2018 April Fool's Day contest. Though this map is only up so I can test out the crash I have mentioned.

    Currently, everyone who has tested this map has crashed there game.
    I will try to look for the reason why for now please continue to give me feedback.

    There is also a control centre, where you can manually trigger the events,
    Slime is a Bomb of sorts, Orange is the HHH spawner, Red is MONOCULUS! spawner, and blue spawns skeletons.

    Oh, I also tried to pack custom content into the map, 1 texture. This is what it looks like, tell me if you see it in the map.
    trev_png - Copy.png

    Rest of screenshots
    Screenshot_77.png Screenshot_78.png Screenshot_79.png


    1. Screenshot_75.png