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This update focuses on fixing the crashes on the Linux servers (what TF2Maps has). If this doesn't fix them, then I'm almost sure I cant do anything more about it.
-Removed the Deathpits and Octagon events, as their moving parts caused physics errors on Linux servers, which crashed them
-Reduced the filesize​
-Changed how the rocket explodes during the finally, and fixed some clipping issues with it
-You can now swim over every building during the Pepsi Man event
-The Illuminati now kills you on all sides of it instead of just the front, as players could run up behind it and get stuck in it.
-Made more voice lines play during the Fresh Prince event
This update focuses on fixing the crashes on the EU server. It apparently is due to some weird physics things, and because the EU server is a linux server, and physics work differently on there or something, its causing issues. I've tried my best to get rid of anything that could be causing physics problems, but I'm honestly not sure if this is enough to fix this issue. It works on the US server though!

Also, added nobuild to the top of the fuel station so you can't build up there during the Pepsi Man event.
This update focuses on general bug fixes along with filling some suggestions:

-Made meme events happen more often (now have a chance of 8 events playing instead of the previous 6)
-This will hopefully help with being able to play all the events in a normal rotation time​
-Disabled clip brushes on top of the fuel station during the Pepsi Man event
-Added spectator cameras to the Grand Dads during the event
-Added a prop jump to the side wooden platform near mid
-Fixed players being able to get stuck in the fuel station doors when they close
-Fixed an area near RED spawn where steam sale particles didn't appear, but you still took damage
-Fixed some support beams having misaligned textures in both spawns
-Fixed train sounds happening constantly (I really think I fixed it this time)
-Changed BLU side's colors to be brighter and more blue
-Changed some textures on RED side to be more red
-During the Pepsi Man event; if you respawn you are now teleported to the area near mid because swimming there is super slow
-Made the PD countdown not freeze on "29" during the finale

(screenshots in overview tab)
Reuploaded due to the site borkin' up

RC 2 will be in the works, but I will probably wait until after the Jam hype lowers, so that people can play the same map that was the Jam entry, if it gets put in imps or the Exhibition game.
Made for my 2016 Summer 72 Hour Jam entry.

Now presenting... The High Quality Update!

The winner of the April Fools 2016 Contest, the classic, fan favorite map is back, and better than ever!

-Added 5 NEW MEME EVENTS (10 are in the map in total now)
-I won't tell you the events now, you'll have to see them yourself ;)
-Completely redid mid
-Made it bigger
-Condensed the two buildings into one building, so the rocket and the cap zone are next to eachother
-Hopefully made it easier to attack
-Redid how the finale is done; now the team that won the PD portion has to be on the cap point only when the rocket launches to claim their win
-Fixed the "seamlessly" never ending overtime
-Fixed the music playing into the next round
-Made the meme events happen more often
-Added spectator cameras to the Illuminatis (only when the event is happening)
-Removed the second Death Pits song because it wasn't good (kept "The Afterblaze" in)
-Did some major optimization
-Did prop-fades
-Removed the sound effects from the End of the Line trains as they kept playing even after the event
-Made the steam sale event hurt more, now does like 40 damage and plays a "critical hit" sound
-Did more detailing
-Added some of my signs for self plugging
-Removed some meme particles
-Fixed a clipping issue with some beams
-Mixed a texture on BLU side being colored RED
-Made the Cena Catapult cover the entire map so you get launched up no matter where you are
-Fixed a wooden texture not being rotted the right way
-Adjusted shadows on some props
-Added patches under pickups
-Fixed some events not triggering meme particles inside the Fuel Station
-Fixed players getting stuck inside the rocket platform when the rocket launches (atleast I think I fixed it)
-Added some train tracks to the trains closest to the middle area, this explains why that area seems very flat
-The other train paths don't have tracks, to keep them as a surprise
-Updated the localization files
-Peaked the entity limit
-Obtained medal

(screenshots later)