megapiemanphd_mc16 a1

2cp a/d made in a very short time for micro contest 16

  1. MegapiemanPHD
    My entry for Micro Contest 16
    Goal was to make a map within the given vmf while disallowing play space in predetermined areas.
    Bonus was to have routes that let players go 360 degrees 3 of these predetermined areas.
    Main map and Bonus completed within the contest's time frame.

    How'd this micro contest go?
    -Pretty well to be honest. The first layout I was working on I absolutely hated and decided to bow out of the contest, then I got an idea for an A point and reopened hammer to make it. Now here we are. Map probably has sightline issues and I'm not sure about the sizing of some areas. B will also probably play very poorly but that's how micro contests go. Honestly surprised at how quick this came together. Most of the time I'm crunching to make it in under the time limit, but for this one I actually got to sleep.


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