Meet the Director Visual Novel: Scout Edition

Meet the Director Visual Novel: Scout Edition 1.0

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Meet the Director Visual Novel: Scout Edition 1.0

Interview and film the Teufort Nine's Scout. What could possibly go wrong?

You are The Director: a washed-up- uh, master filmmaker hired to create promotional material for Mann Co., featuring one of the infamous Teufort Nine: Scout. Oh, and you’re definitely not doing it to spy on them for juicy, juicy gossip. Will your marketing send Mann Co. stocks shooting through the proverbial roof, or will you be finding yourself in an open grave?

"Meet the Director" is a multiple-choice visual novel with 3 endings, depending on how you choose to interview the Scout. This build will only work on Windows.
Amadeus (Writer):
Mitchy (Writer):
Lawdee (Artist):
Eshap (Coder):

Special thanks to Ixy for proof-reading, emotionally supporting us and screaming at us to go to bed, and thanks to everyone who playtested for us.
SFM Assets:
Miss Pauling - Alaxe, The Scurvy Orange (Steam Workshop)
Miss Pauling's Derringer - Crazyb2000, caseytube (Steam Workshop)
Administrator - SediSocks (Steam Workshop)
The Director - MaxOfS2D
Meet the Team Title Card - OMG Theres A Bear In My Oatmeal! (Steam Workshop)
Animated Flag Props - TheRedToony (Steam Workshop)
TF2 Deathmatch Mercenary - Maxxy (Steam Workshop)
Mann Manor - 'Rito/YM, Rexy (Steam)
2fort, control room prop - Valve
Dapper Cadaver, Archimedes, Red Bread, It Hates Me So Much, More Gun, Petite Chou-Fleur, Playing With Danger, RED Triumphs!, Right Behind You (CYOA), Seduce ME! - Valve Studio Orchestra
Paper and bag - Sidequesting (Freesound)
British telephone - inchadney (Freesound)
Phone hotel pickup, put down - kyles (Freesound)
Honking sound - Unknown (Ed, Edd and Eddy)
Scout's "Tom Jones" line - ChiliOfDestiny (Twitch)
All other sounds - Valve (Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2)
LouisaCP - ClaudeP (DaFont)
TF2 Build, TF2 Secondary - Andrea Wicklund (DaFont)
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