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Medieval-Engineer Team-MedKit-Building A1

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Medieval-Engineer Team-MedKit-Building A1

"Erectin' a Health Kit!"

Who is this prefab for?
Ever want to use the Engineer in Medieval mode? Ever want to, I don't know, be an Engineer?

What this prefab is about? (Basically, it is...)
When you destroy this block as a RED or BLU Engineer with melee, it will grant the Engineer's team a new spawn point for new health-kits that can only be used by that Engineer's team. This point can be demolished by destroying the teleporter under it (which makes it's debut as a BBQ?). The block respawns and the enemy team can destroy it to build their own BBQ health-kit spawner!

Game Theory Behind the BBQ
There are two reasons why I made this.
  1. Medieval Engineers don't have any responsibility that other than do what everyone else is doing (melee, objective, etc), but he does worse at it because of his health pool. Plus, he doesn't do anything unique. He's pretty much worthless.
  2. In other game modes with larger battlements, defending is not really an option unless you throw your body onto the point your trying to defend it. If you have a health kit only your team can access, you might have a better edge at defending and, ultimately, surviving. This may be more recognized in a gamemode like Payload or 5CP.

Technical Aspects
This prefab demonstrates a lot:
  • Triggers that change a cube's color depending on the Engineer's team.
  • A cube that can be broken with only Engineer melee.
  • When the cube is broken, spawns a teleporter and health kit.
  • This health kit can respawn in any interval you wish. It depends on the Refire Inverval number set in logic_timer.
  • When the teleporter is destroyed, does various functions:
    • Changes the team that can pick up the health kit to the opposite team.
    • Stops the timer for the respawning health kit.
    • Readies a trigger for the next phase.
  • Finally, the mentioned trigger checks to see if there are any players in the way of the cube's respawn zone. If yes, prevents the cube from spawning until the player (or players) have moved out of that zone.
Additionally, there are things for convenience to test the prefab (like a trigger_hurt on the side, a func_respawnroom, and a skybox.

Please give credit to Yakibomb if you do end up using the prefab. Thank you.
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