72hr Medieval Clash v2

Small rectangular KOTH map for Medieval mode

  1. Juju
    A map I made for the 72hr jam.
    A small Medieval KOTH map with a capture point in the middle.
    100% freestyle, no planning. That's why there's many balanced issues, but I may continue to make this map in the future.
    Spawns are elevated and once you exit, you can't go back (except Scouts).
    This map is meant to amplify the chaos the Medieval mode already has.
    There is still a lot to improve in this map, at this point is mostly for just screwing around.

    Simply put the .bsp file in the following directory:
    [drive + possible other directories] > SteamLibrary > SteamApps > common > team fortress 2 > tf > maps
    Once done, to use it in-game, type the following in the console:
    map koth_medievalclash

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