Mavoyo a5

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Mavoyo a5

3cp with a custom win condition

Welcome to Mavoyo, a valley with 2 train stations and crocodile infested waters. This is a very early WIP and is my first tf2 map (not my first hammer map). A lot of the stuff in this map is temporary and is only an idea of what I want.

This map has a custom win condition. After a team captures all 3 points, they must defend the last point for 30 seconds until a train runs over the control point.


First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP
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Latest updates

  1. Small additions

    - Added a roof to the mid point - Added another grate to the sewers - Removed the detail from the tunnel corners - Changed the tower windows to 2 windows - Added patches under all health and ammo kits (red for health and blue for ammo)
  2. Mid Point Building

    Changed mid point from a bridge to a building. This should help balance snipers and other long range classes
  3. Map Shrinking

    - Trimmed down the side of the yard - Added some danger signs around the water - Put a roof on the stations - Removed tower balcony and moved the stairs in the tower to better fit