Mass Production B0

Jump map with mvm upgrades! Kill bots at checkpoints for money

  1. BigfootBeto
    It's a jump map, but weapon upgrades are required to pass some otherwise impossible jumps. Made for the Summer, 2017 72 hr Jam

    Designing a jump map was more difficult than I had originally thought. It's b0 because it's an unfinished beta. Consider it a half art-passed proof of concept map.

    To install, place .bsp and .nav in tf>maps, and place the .pop in tf>scripts>population. If you don't have a population folder, make one.

    20170807035111_1.jpg 20170807035121_1.jpg 20170807035139_1.jpg 20170807035149_1.jpg 20170807035207_1.jpg 20170807035304_1.jpg