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Map Configs v03

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Map Configs v03

Configure server settings for your map without the need for a moderator!

Have you ever wanted random crits, sudden death, and classlimits enabled during your map, but there was no moderator there who could do it?

I present to you: Map Configs!

This VSCRIPT file will let you configure and customize a list of server commands to run during your map without the need of any moderator.

These commands currently include:
Sudden Death Class Limits Phys_pushscale for PIPEBALL Random Weapon Crits Random Melee Crits Arena First Blood Crits Number of Flag Caps Flag Touch Return CTF Bonus Time tf_holiday Grapple Hook Announcer Nag

To use, install the file map_configs.nut in tf/scripts/vscripts.
Open up the map_configs.nut file and edit the variables to your liking. Make sure to follow the directions!

Then, place a logic_auto entity and logic_script entity in your map. Set them up like shown:


Please let me know how it goes! Feel free to modify this VSCRIPT for your own purposes as well, assuming you know how to do so.

Note: Changing classlimits with this script will probably not work in PASSTIME mode.
Free to use and modify. Credit is appreciated but not required.
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