Mansand a10

Large, open map with a raised point taking place in an old mine.

  1. ThatCake
    This is my first map that I have gotten to a point where I can call it "testable," despite being here for about a year. It is a generic KotH map and I expect that I will have a lot wrong with it because it is my first map. Themed around an old mine that was then deserted after the 2nd World War Began. Eventually, the potential of a possible Australium deposit attracts RED and BLU in to further modernize and secure Australium.

    Update Log:

    A10: (5/5/20)

    Fixed map hole

    Raised Spawn door

    Changed point glass

    Fixed several minor offsets and glitchy areas.


    1. mansand image 2.PNG
    2. mansand image 3.PNG
    3. mansand image 4.PNG
    4. mansand image 1.PNG

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