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Mannufacture a4

Gonna be a foundry styled KOTH map. YAY. I gues your fighting over the log?

    Ok, three things I really wanna know. Is the name Mannufacture already taken, because I can change it to "Mannagment". Is this better than my other "box with only buildings in it" maps, and is it possible to rocket jump?

    This map will probably be foundry styled if I choose to continue it

    Fight over the log


    1. koth_mannufacture_a30000.jpg
    2. koth_mannufacture_a30001.jpg
    3. koth_mannufacture_a30002.jpg
    4. koth_mannufacture_a30003.jpg
    5. koth_mannufacture_a30004.jpg
    6. koth_mannufacture_a20004.jpg
    7. koth_mannufacture_a30006.jpg
    8. koth_mannufacture_a20006.jpg
    9. koth_mannufacture_a30008.jpg
    10. koth_mannufacture_a30009.jpg
    11. koth_mannufacture_a30010.jpg