72hr Manntorini a3a

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Map has not been updated, just re-uploading.
Got a lot completed this weekend. Stream footage totals ~9 hours and I worked off stream a fair amount. I'd say I logged close to 15 hours. Not too shabby for a first payload map. Really happy with where it's at so far and I enjoyed streaming something other than standard gameplay. Going to continue development as well as streaming it. :)
  • Narrowed path near second
  • Added upper cafe area near first
  • RED now has forward spawns until second is captured
  • Adjusted health and ammo pickups
manntorini_a3 (1).jpg
  • Added forward spawns for both RED and BLU
  • Added fence to block sightline from third to dome
  • Adjusted building near first to help with sightlines
  • Adjusted all cap times
  • Moved second back so less distance between first and second
  • Adjusted RED spawns so you always spawn up top once BLU caps third