72hr Manntorini a3a

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72hr Manntorini a3a

Santorini inspired payload map.

Entry into 72hr Summer Jam.

Big thanks to:
Bakscratch and E-Arkham for the Santorini assets
Frontline! for assets
Stream viewers who helped playtest and provide feedback

manntorini_a3 (1).jpg manntorini_a3 (2).jpg manntorini_a3 (3).jpg
Grizzly Berry
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Latest updates

  1. Re-upload

    Map has not been updated, just re-uploading.
  2. Completed 72hr entry

    Got a lot completed this weekend. Stream footage totals ~9 hours and I worked off stream a fair amount. I'd say I logged close to 15 hours. Not too shabby for a first payload map. Really happy with where it's at so far and I enjoyed streaming...
  3. Forward spawns are a thing

    Added forward spawns for both RED and BLU Added fence to block sightline from third to dome Adjusted building near first to help with sightlines Adjusted all cap times Moved second back so less distance between first and second Adjusted RED...