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MannShaft a2 reup

Ride up and down on the Mann shafts, or go to the disco


Welcom to the Mann Shafts! Ride the elevators up and down, or go dancing at the disco! If Blu team kills the party (the disco ball duh!) they get UBER advantages! xD

The A point will start going up and down slowly after blu first steps onto it, but if blu stays there it will move faster and faster before throwing the blu team violently into space (when they capture).

The B point is in the disco, equipped with music buttons for the DJs. The discoball above the point has 6000 hitpoints, and if blu team destroys it they get both temporary and permanent buffs for this point.

The C point is the rocketship which quickly moves up and down into the holding rings. Blu will need to climb on top of the rocket and stay there to win the game!

Currently taking feedback and suggestions. :)
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