Mannscraper A1e

City themed Mannpower map

  1. ToxicRave

    Currently, I'm not sure what to do with this map. On one hand it been a while since I last touch this map, but on the other hand I didn't really bother to get this map tested yet so calling it quits without giving the map a chance seems to be a tad bit silly to me.

    With that aside, this map is a mannpower map is which the teams have to carry their flags into the other teams base in order to cap it. The first team to cap their flag five times win.

    mannscraper_a1c_pic1.jpg mannscraper_a1c_pic2.jpg mannscraper_a1c_pic3.jpg mannscraper_a1c_pic4.jpg mannscraper_a1c_pic5.jpg