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Mann's Land rc2

An attempted recreation of TF2's unreleased Badlands

  1. Chrytin
    Mann's Land is an attempted recreation (admittedly with limited success) of the unreleased TF2 remake of TFC's Badlands. Originally made prior to the game's release, this map never saw the light of day, outside of some leaked props in the SFM beta and screenshots posted to an Artstation portfolio by Stephane Gaudette, a former Valve environmental artist.

    Through use of salvaged props provided by 404UserNotFound, recreated textures by Fancy990, additional props courtesy of Rexy, Void and StoneFrog, Mann's Land is a project of mine almost 2 years in the making. It's extremely rough around the edges (and in the department of optimization) but it's been an excellent learning experience for me which will undoubtedly be of immense benefit in the future.

    Special thanks to Doc for continued assistance throughout development.


    1. 20180223145202_1.jpg
    2. stephane-gaudette-ctf-badlands-redbase010001.jpg
    3. 20180223145209_1.jpg
    4. stephane-gaudette-ctf-badlands-redbase010002.jpg
    5. 20180223145231_1.jpg
    6. stephane-gaudette-ctf-badlands-redbase010032.jpg
    7. 20180223145246_1.jpg
    8. stephane-gaudette-ctf-badlands-redbase010033.jpg
    9. 20180223145313_1.jpg
    10. stephane-gaudette-ctf-badlands-redbase010088.jpg
    11. 20180223145001_1.jpg
    12. stephane-gaudette-ctf-badlands-bluebase010002.jpg
    13. 20180223145029_1.jpg
    14. stephane-gaudette-ctf-badlands-bluebase010028.jpg
    15. 20180223145100_1.jpg
    16. stephane-gaudette-ctf-badlands-bluebase010031.jpg
    17. 20180223145127_1.jpg
    18. stephane-gaudette-ctf-badlands-bluebase010035.jpg
    19. 20180223145148_1.jpg
    20. stephane-gaudette-ctf-badlands-bluebase010038.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Jack5
    Version: rc2
    Has many lighting and prop-distance issues on the map's outside, as well as the appearance of a "Overflow in CClientRenderablesList group 7" error if looking at too many props at once.
  2. HQDefault
    Version: rc2
    First of all, elephant in the room: Mann's Land on TF2maps or Beta Badlands on the Workshop? Mann's Land. Hands down. No competition. This version simply has nearly spot-on lighting, better texture and detailwork, and is overall made to be the most accurate representation of where the developers were planning to take badlands back in the day.

    And on that note, I am so glad that this exists. I've always found that the art style they were going for in the leaked early screenshots and earlier trailers for the game just had the artstyle nailed down to T in a way that it just doesn't now. So... to be here... and finally have the map with that original art style in front of me to play... that's just amazing.

    Thank you for making this Chrytin, it brightened me up just a little bit.