Mannbase RC2b

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If you were hoping for a massive update, sorry this ain't it. Various bug fixes, visual overhauls and gameplay changes to areas I could somewhat easily fix up.

  • Opened up choke to allow for more creative jumps.
  • Fixed one sided hp/ammo packs.
  • A few new spots around the map to allow for some interesting opportunities. Most notably the new platform in lobby to help hero shot into last.
  • Yuh there is.
  • New 2d skybox for those that turn off the 3d skybox.
I have probably not mentioned everything here, many of these changes were done over a long period of time when I felt like loading up hammer.

• Moved mini hp and ammo on last further forward
• Added Jump pad on mid
• Made ceiling flush in some areas
• Removed pimple on last
• Simplified lobby
• Lowered door into second and detailed

probs some other stuff too that im forgetting
Map was missing some assets
Forgot to remove some textures which use bump maps
So this is the first and likely last rc version of Mannbase. I'm proud of the map and confident to leave it in this state indefinitely. It ain't perfect for competitive play but when I look around the map to me, it feels finished. Happy for the map to receive league play, and I will update it if someone reaches out to me. Otherwise consider this the final version.

There are many small refinements and a few very large refinements. There is one change that might not be the best for competitive play (this being the back door to quake room being added back in), but it is a feature that to me is very key to Mannbase.

So here are the changes.

- Removed small ammo and HP pack red side second.
- Adjusted the ramps up to the point in mid.
- Added back the back door to the quake room.
- Removed window in quake room.
- Split up lobby slightly.
- Moved one of the spawns doors at last back.
- Added a cart on last next to a wall.
- Removed no-builds on last.
- Flattened last slightly

- Adjusted lighting in dark areas
- Replaced brush details with props
- Detailed shutter door frames
- Detailed various places all over the map


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B19a - Gameplay Refinements

We back, just wanted to say a quick thank you to RGL for playtesting the map. I got a lot of great feedback from new faces :).

p.s. I'm probably going to forget a decent chunk of stuff. Again.

Gameplay Changes:
• Blocked off sightline on last from right side spawn (defender persp)
• Raised floor on last
• New window in Quake Room to prevent stalemates, should make saving and aggressing easier.
• Re-added the flank on middle.

Also fixed up a bunch of issues both gameplay-related and graphics-related.
B19 - Preparations for RGL cup based on recent feedback

Yo been a while.
Wanna thank everyone for the excellent feedback I've received over the past month or so. The survey I put out into the ozfortress community really helped to give me an idea of how people saw the map. Which up until now I wasn't really sure.
Quite a few gameplay adjustments have been made and FPS has been improved.

There likely won't be a new version until after the RGL cup. So make sure you get your feedback in before then, however, if there is anything game-breaking I'll do my best to get it fixed.

p.s. I'm probably going to forget a decent chunk of stuff.

Gameplay Changes:
• Middle has been redesigned slightly. Moved the ramp you walk up to mid further back so you get height earlier. Added boxes on the point for more cover to push up. The rock on the cliff has been removed.
• The flanks on the mid have been cut in half, stopping the enemy from getting into your flank. People didn't like these but I still wanted that staircase up to give attackers some height.
• Doorway in Quake Room that leads towards window room has been removed. Wanted to focus the fight a bit more and differentiate it from other maps.
• Last has been squished in slightly, this should help defenders force meds if they push in from the right side (defenders pov).
• Choke has been reduced in size. There are now some steel beams above choke so soldiers cannot jump to the moon (earth?) and get to the back of second. (Im not sure about this change because people liked it was easy to sac but tbh it was kind of OP)
• The ramps in and around choke were quite steep so I raised the floor a bit, you hopefully will feel like less of a dwarf in those areas now.
• Ledge just outside choke (second side) has been lowered.
• Health packs in window room, lobby, and second have been adjusted. (just the small ones)
• Moved some props around that offered cover.

FPS and Optimization:
• Lowered the amount that gets rendered on second when standing mid and vise versa.
• Asteroids in the skybox no longer cast shadows (this improved FPS with the 3d skybox on a decent amount for me)
been a while since last update but wanted to push an update.
changed some staircases to prop stairs to low func_detail count.
few z fighting issues fixed.
moved rocks
B19 will likely feature more gameplay changes...
You can now cap middle