Mannbase Alpha A11

The mercs go to space

  1. sskaz

    Mannbase Alpha is a map.
    I think I'm starting to understand this whole mapping thing (but probably not).

    Thanks to kake for giving me the motivation to start working on this again. Go check out his map cp_metro :)

    Thanks to Cuba for the custom rd_asteroid blue-side assets. Now everyone can make space maps (which is properly fricking epic cool)

    Thanks to VelvetFistIronGlove for the 2D skybox that has helped give the map a space theme up until now. I imagine the skybox will still need to be kept in because comp players love turning off their 3D skybox :facepalm:


    1. cp_mannbase_a100014.jpg
    2. cp_mannbase_a100010.jpg
    3. cp_mannbase_a100011.jpg
    4. cp_mannbase_a100012.jpg
    5. cp_mannbase_a100013.jpg
    6. cp_mannbase_a100015.jpg
    7. cp_mannbase_a100016.jpg
    8. cp_mannbase_a100017.jpg

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