Mainframe Computer 12/31/20

My brain IBM!

  1. velvy
    This is a large computer cabinet I made a few months back but didn't bother to post publicly, but here it is! This was my most ambitious modelling project (that I finished), so I hope you enjoy!


    5 skins total

    To use this in your map, take the props_mainframe folder out of the ZIP it's contained in and drop it into your tf\custom folder, it should appear in the model browser when hammer is started. The model name is mainframe_computerwall.

    This will be my last download for a while, as I'm taking a break from TF2 and making content for it, seeya around!
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  1. No model files wheee!

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  1. Wandering Dude |
    Wandering Dude |
    Version: 12/31/20
    Nice, I will credit you and use this for my itemtest_2021 map!