Mahogany A4

A lush forgotten glade at twilight.

  1. Maid
    A lush forgotten glade at twilight.

    Small jungle-themed 5CP map.

    - Fuzzy for
    Jungle Grass
    - Heyo for Borneo Assets
    - Void for Frontline skybox (edit by me, with permission)
    - Quin and Py-bun for
    Abandoned Pack
    - Pear and Crash for Overgrown Pack
    - StoneFrog for Teamcoloured Trains Addon
    - EArkham for Mayan Assets (available from Mayann Pack redistributed here)
    - AsG_Alligator for
    Enclosure Assets
    - Ravidge for Danger/Warning Sign Pack
    - Fr0Z3nr for EOTL Prop Pack

    - I Dinne Ken for the name :)


    1. mid a3.jpg
    2. blusecond a3.jpg
    3. blulast a3.jpg
    4. redmidtosecondview a3.jpg
    5. redlasttomidview a3.jpg
    6. blulobby a4.jpg
    7. overview a3.jpg

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