Mahogany A4

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Mahogany A4

A lush forgotten glade at twilight.

A lush forgotten glade at twilight.

Small jungle-themed 5CP map.

- Fuzzy for
Jungle Grass
- Heyo for Borneo Assets
- Void for Frontline skybox (edit by me, with permission)
- Quin and Py-bun for
Abandoned Pack
- Pear and Crash for Overgrown Pack
- StoneFrog for Teamcoloured Trains Addon
- EArkham for Mayan Assets (available from Mayann Pack redistributed here)
- AsG_Alligator for
Enclosure Assets
- Ravidge for Danger/Warning Sign Pack
- Fr0Z3nr for EOTL Prop Pack

- I Dinne Ken for the name :)
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP
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Latest updates

  1. Version A4

    - Partial redesign of lobby to give attackers less high ground and make underground route more tight and risky - including sign and pickup changes (should also hopefully encourage players not to take the long route to mid). - Adjusted respawn...
  2. Version A3

    - (test, possibly temporary) Train Doors are now no longer openable by players. Signs removed in accordance. - Added dropdown route leading from last to second for defenders. - Added barrier between second area and mid, blocking sightlines across...
  3. Version A2b

    - Redid one-way door logic. - Redid train logic (doubt everything's fixed tho, these trains are cursed). - Made waterfalls bestow afterburn immunity as well as extinguishing burning players on entry. - Named control points. - Lighting...