Machiya b3

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-Added soundscapes! it sounds peaceful now..
-Detailed More
-Added a bit of Cover in C
-Respawn times shorten
-Opened up the warehouse leading to B, as well as a new door leading to A
-Blu spawn hazards replaced with white sliding doors


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-Redesigned C and left side of D flank
-Detailed C and D a bit
-fixed the Red C spawn
-fixed the carts moving back and skipping the point.
Its been awhile since I updated this map, but I had the beta 1 for a long time. might aswell upload it

-designed A and B and C
-Textured D
-Detailed Blue first spawn
-Red Last spawn is now merged to one again
-Door of the one house in A will remain close until point is capped
-When B or C is captured, Red spawns will open and Resupply cabinets are disabled
-Fixed the bunker floor and ceiling
-Hightened a part in A
-Detailed a building
-Changed Sky texture
-Opened B more
-Added New Red Spawn near C
-Widened Last
-Split The Last Red spawn into 2
-Removed the Grate Doors
-added Fences in A cap
-added a Flank in A
-Widened B Flanks
-added Flank for C
-covered sightlines
-replaced wall in A with a tree
-added some Health near B
-widened the Indoor
-detailed more of A
-redone some parts of last
-Added more "height" near first
-replace the van with a wall in B
-replace those walls with stones in A
-displacement seams fixed
-stairs that go to red spawn removed
-more signs added