macherocketbarn A3

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-Some textures n shit
-Yeeted balcony inside silo because it sucked
-Removed highground doorway in barn
-Adjusted geo in and below barn for various reasons
-Made part of the floor near the center computers under the barn into grating for better visibility
-Fixed that decorative door that was accidentally tied to a spawn door
-Lowered flag respawn from 15sec to 10
-Reduced max height of rocket platform and rocket
-Added circular balcony inside rocket silo, connected to the barn
-Slightly raised deathpit trigger to reduce weird perch spots
-Some detailing
-Removed the Observer
-Fixed being able to take flag into spawn yards
-Fixed being able to drop the intel in the death pit or underneath the helipad
-Shifted a sign near the cliff to allow for a prop jump onto the ammo ledge
-Fixed rocket exhaust push trigger pulling players into the exhaust instead of shoving them away
-Added a round timer and overtime (stalemate if flag is at its base post-timer ending)

Special thanks to Codex and Leezo for helping fix problems (mainly related to stalemate)