Mach4 Final


  1. Vilepickle
    This is a remake of the ETF and Q3F map Mach. The QWTF original was by "Someone", who also worked on the original 2fort5r.
    Mach has been played in the CEVO, STA, TGL, TWL, and UGC leagues.


    I have several final maps in the old archive of TF2M, so I'm reposting them in the main workshop area since that's where they should be these days.

    I don't currently have plans to revise Chaos unless popular demand... demands it.


    1. mach2_0.jpg
    2. mach3_0.jpg
    3. mach4_0.jpg
    4. mach5_0.jpg
    5. mach6.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: Final
    OG map deserves high rating. Probably doesn't hold up as well in modern day, but I don't think that makes this a bad map. People change, map tastes change, the game itself changes. I'm satisfied with Mach much like most other custom maps I play, and maybe that's all that's needed.
  2. Anonymous
    Version: Final
    Feels just like the original!
  3. Anonymous
    Version: Final
    perfect recreation
  4. Laggy McStab
    Laggy McStab
    Version: Final
    Played a couple rounds on it, thought it was nice. It is very different than many other maps, but I like the simplicity. The only thing I would change is to make the middle area bigger, because it often gets incredibly crammed in a 12v12 valve server format. I am rating it one extra star because I want to get rid of Lampenpams lame post, regarding that this is a "copy of 2fort." Obviously if he/she had played a round on it, they would see something different. That is all.
  5. Lampenpam
    Version: Final
    2fort in less detailed