Luftangriff B5a

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Luftangriff B5a

The Frontline reaches this "peaceful" German town.

A Frontline/Rottenburg Themed map. After the control point is captured sirens go off, and, well, if you translate "Luftangriff" you'll know what happens before anyone else- nevermind everyone's dead.


Luftangriff is finally in Beta! Woo!

20180205193624_1.jpg 20180205193627_1.jpg 20180205193708_1.jpg 20180205193802_1.jpg 20180205193834_1.jpg 20180205194019_1.jpg 20180205205617_1.jpg 20170903030603_1.jpg 20170908013519_1.jpg

First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed server crashing bug

    Apparently, the trigger that changes your cap rate will cause the server to crash IF AND ONLY IF you die while inside it AND it gets disabled while you're in the death cam view. If you respawn, everything is good. It's only that 5 second window...
  2. More Polish and Windowshine

    No, I didn't forget about this map, but here is a big update with a big list of changes. Next update is probably rc unless something goes horribly wrong. Here are some updated pics; CHANGELOG Gameplay Fixed a bug that caused the...
  3. Finalizing Beta

    This is the version that will be submitted to the workshop. It's still beta though. The main gameplay change is limiting the air raids. Turns out, there was some funky logic that accidentally made them more frequent than anticipated...

Latest reviews

this is an amazing map i have to admit. when i first played it i had a really good time and also the gimmick this map has is gr8 :D
mmm.... 9.9/10 ?
fancy and nice design