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lucky_mc9 a1a

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lucky_mc9 a1a

I love to reload during a battle

This map was for microcontest #9, which I worked on with Squishy
- single stage 2cp a/d (like Gorge)
The theme was to be mountain research facility (like Squishy's Dipole map)

I rushed it a bit so that my heights don't really match the plan, and meant I had to wing it a bit on B. It also means that A and B are quite close together, so I'll change that in later versions if I continue it.
First release
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Attack/Defense CP

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  1. actually a1 though

    Added the version with fixes that didn't get uploaded (this should have been the a1!!!) I had added the old one while the updated a1 was being compiled, and it didn't seem to use the right one after waiting. they are minor things like fixing...