longus a1

teamwork to victory

  1. ThirdEye
    My first map focused on fun and active gameplay for every class. I designed this map with a plan to have the middle point being a constant fight and the last point being a difficult approach as the point is near the teams spawn.

    To win this game you either need great teamwork or for the other team to suck at defending as there should not be an excuse to lose quickly because of the support spots I have added.

    There are now good amount of engineer spots to defend, sniper spots for the more skilled as I have broken down the sightlines as much as possible without making the class too weak.

    I have also made the skybox taller as I want demoman and soldier players to rocket/sticky jump around the map.

    This map is now done and will take constructive feedback on how to improve on future designs.

    Thank you and enjoy!

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