Loess A6

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Made a decent chunk of changes. In particular, I reworked the exits from the last spawnrooms, and made the area around last larger. The next update should hopefully focus on mid.
Quick upload just for the playtest, not all of the changes I want to make have been implemented.
Time for a changelog:

-Moved the second forward spawn closer to the last point
-Reintroduced flank route (aqueduct building, includes door that opens when 2nd is capped and closes when 2nd is taken back)
-Removed sliding doors
-Made long flank from base to 2nd longer, but gave it height over the main route
-Added barrier in base, includes nearby barrel pallent bunches
-Removed one barrel pallet bunch from the base
-Extended capture zone of mid to include side platforms
-Changed capture time of last to 2 seconds, and of 2nd to a value I don't remember
-Changed respawn time modifiers upon capturing 2nd to (hopefully) prevent point domination
-Removed slope staircase near mid to give attackers better control of the balcony
-Covered up death pit near mid with some lovely dev-textured brushes
-Removed nobuild on all points
-Upped texture scale of mountains in skybox to .125
-Added slope stairs to certain areas for easier movement
-Raised roof near 2nd to make it clear that players cannot jump on top of it
-Fixed displacement holes
-Made base brighter in areas
-Added missing roof near mid
-Clipping updates and other miscellaneous changes
Reuploaded because I feel like it. Doesn't fix the major gameplay bugs :(
Unless something drastic happens, this version is my finalized submission to the TF2Maps.net Summer 2016 72hr Content. Submitted at just about 7am EST on Monday, July 25, 2016.
Nearly the submission version, uploading this just in case I can't get HDR settings working properly.
This update includes a ton of stuff, so I won't bog you down with the details.