Locomotive A5

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Did some changes

  • Removed 2 cars to shorten map
  • Redesigned sleeping cars to have 2 floors
  • Added anti-stalemate triggers
  • Improved ground textures
Guess what? Now it's ctf arena cause I want to see what happens.
  • New roof design blocks sightlines.
  • New dropdown into capture car.
  • Added ladders to capture car.
  • Increased door triggers' size.
  • Raised sign.
  • Made sign bells louder.
  • Moved spawns a bit.
  • Added cactuses.
New Pics:
20170812173143_1.jpg 20170812173237_1.jpg 20170812173331_1.jpg

Made sign bells louder.
Fixed sound amplifying while inside train cars.
Added "wheels"
Fixed sign lights.
Tracks now move with ground.
  • New easy access to roof.
  • Improved "armrest" clipping. The armrests were already nonsolid, but I went ahead and made a fake hitbox for the seats.
  • Redesigned sign obstacle.
  • Improved skybox and aligned textures better.
  • Added rail ties and gravel support mound.