Lockdown A1

A very below average koth map in a small, walled off village.

  1. NateTDOM
    A small koth map which happens to be my first real map. I made a crappy payload one but it's junk :p
    It's not textured very well as i'm still getting into texturing especially how blended textures work.

    I threw my own spin on it with the map being at a 180 degree angle, with a separator building in the middle which doors open corresponding to which team currently owns the point, giving the team not owning it an advantage.
    I took inspiration from lakeside by making a building in the back that each team can access, making another route onto the point if you're trying to fight from multiple directions.
    There are side rooms which lead up to sniper spots with cover, and the spots also have a large plank leading to the upper area that is controlled by the owners of the point, this allows characters who don't have much air mobility like heavy, engineer, medic, spy, and pyro to get up there and cut off the people who would normally get the high ground advantage from taking that path.

    I am aware that by most other standards this map is a trainwreck as well as not following the viaduct formula(that's mainly because i wanted to try my own spin on things), and any other suggestions/criticism you could give would be gladly appreciated. Am i also supposed to upload the .vmf?

    P.S It's not on the workshop by the way because the people on the workshop are ruthless and would rip me to shreds for this terrible map.


    1. koth_lockdown0001.png
    2. koth_lockdown0002.png

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