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  • Mid is now approached at a 90 degree angle instead of straight on.
  • Closed some routes off for now; will re-open or remove them after some testing.

  • Totally reworked mid. Lets see how she plays!20220115230323_1.jpg 20220115230337_1.jpg 20220115230405_1.jpg
Maps in a strong state right now so these are all mostly experimental changes.

  • New route into the tunnel flank, engineers should have a harder time turning that area into a nest.
  • Added a flank below the original tunnel route, adds an alternative out or in of the main route. Something I want to try, this is the biggest experimental change and will probably get cut if no one likes it.
  • Updated the bridge flank, its gotten moved away from the point a bit which might be a negative, but this change cuts out some nasty sightlines it has. We'll see how it goes.
  • Spawn rooms; added another resupply in spawn rooms to provide less walking required to get in and a window to spot people camping real close.
  • Minor changes to various walls and props to fix lighting and other minor issues.
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Fixed control point not unlocking, I accidentally deleted the trigger region
- Reworked Mid Cover
- Reworked flank tunnel into a full room
- Rework primary team battlements to give attackers more advantage and better control.
- Reworked Bridge area slightly to better align with map vision.
- Reworked spawns into something less boring
20210906214427_1.jpg 20210906214407_1.jpg 20210906214355_1.jpg
- Added Death Pit behind ammo pack at the point.
- Changes a mini wall into a raised area. Reduces the overall amount of arbitrary walls slightly and provides the attackers some slight high ground for pushing into the point.
- Experimented with existing skyboxes and lighting. Didn't manage to find a change I liked just yet so these changes are not present, but they were experimented with!
Quick changes:
  • Add rain particles
  • Add simple soundscape
  • Fix some clipping
  • Fixed a broken seam in displacements
Mostly culled some cheesy sightlines, and made the ones I want to keep more counterable!

Made major changes to the bridge, lowering its elevation. The overall goal with this update was to try and increase the attacker's ability to hold the lobby just past the 'main ring.' Changes to the flank (bridge) and pickup changes are the biggest things I move around to try and achieve that.

20210731231544_1.jpg 20210731231602_1.jpg 20210731231621_1.jpg 20210731231654_1.jpg 20210731231708_1.jpg 20210731231738_1.jpg
Added a route to the bridge at mid to hopefully enhance its use as it seems to be a favorite combat space.


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