Limelight A1

Living in a fish eye lens, caught in the camera eye

  1. n8five484
    Limelight is a standard King of the Hill map. Formerly named Drainyard after Drain You by Nirvana, it switched to Limelight after the song of the same name by Rush.

    It is a revisited version of Drainyard, an incomplete map I made back in 2015.

    Screenshots of current version:
    koth_limelight_a10012.jpg koth_limelight_a10013.jpg koth_limelight_a10014.jpg koth_limelight_a10015.jpg koth_limelight_a10016.jpg koth_limelight_a10017.jpg koth_limelight_a10018.jpg koth_limelight_a10019.jpg


    1. koth_limelight_a10020.jpg