Lighting Library

Lighting Library 1.0

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Thanks for making this
Hear me out. You might definitely wanna download this prefab to avoid wasting your time in order to create a light related entity and adjust its position in your map.

But the thing is most of the properties for these lights are ridiculously high, making some lamps obliterated by the bright white lights. For some reason, even fire related props have white lights in this prefab. Some point_spotlights entities look way too awful when it comes to its size.

If you're going to download this prefab, keep in mind that you'll have to adjust the lighting related entities drastically since most of them are hella bright.

If you're a beginner, you might struggle with understanding what's good for you when changing these properties.

Sometimes I just prefer to look at Valve's maps for light examples: (2 links)

But as always, do whatever fits you the best.
Its been a year from having yellow boxes for props to and-

you don't care, here is the short version:

You wont ever regret downloading this and regret it if you did. It's extremely useful and time saving.
I didn't think I needed this until I knew I needed this.
I need this very much.
Thank you.
Extremely useful!
this is honestly so helpfull for my map. thanks alot
i've been looking for this forever.
Somnething to enlighting for all your mapping needs!
Don't know how to light up a map? Tired of just sprinkling 'light' entities around your map and calling it a day? Want to see how Valve does their lighting, but don't want to decompile a map? Then this library is for you!