72hr Jam 2023 Lifestream a1b

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72hr Jam 2023 Lifestream a1b

its got water that heals you!

My map for the 2023 72hr Jam!

Map has a gimmick, all the water in the map heals you over time if you stand in it.

In his lifelong quest to outlive his brother, Redmond Mann found the Fountain of Youth! Or at least, the water from it, it turns out it runs into a nearby river. Redmond is so old that he can't come all the way out to the fountain regularly (also he's just lazy), so he's tasked his mercenaries with collecting large amounts of it and bringing it to him!

Naturally, Blutarch heard about this and is now sending his mercenaries to take control of the facility.

Unfortunately for both of them, it turns out the age-regressing powers of the fountain were just myth, luckily for you however, it is particularly good at quickly healing wounds!

Custom Content:
Fuzzy's Official Jungle Grass Release Pack! ( - fuzzymellow
Sean "heyo" Cutino's Jungle Asset Pack ( - heyo
Overgrown Prop Pack ( - Crash
Enclosure assets ( - AsG_Alligator
the water material is custom by me, made for the jam, unreleased as of yet (bug me about this so i don't forget)
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. a1b

    Mini update just to patch a few things up, real update coming soon™ Water no longer removes overheal (i forgor it existed when i wrote the code) Water now heals up to 8hp per tick (from 4hp), and the amount healed is now double the previous...
  2. a1a

    -Replace the river's janky attribute based healing with a vscript solution that is more consistent and easier to understand. Also, it heals you a bit faster now too.