Lieutenant A7

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Previous update wasn't packed and was broken, hopefully fixed.

Huge update to the map guys!

-"Fixed" Cactus stuck spot
-Changed RED spawn door closure to CP 2
-Closed Hangar a bit
-Fixed the stairs in BLU spawn
-Added a new route to final
-Moved payload route

Thanks to everyone who helped playtest on the 4/2/2017 Impromptu test!

Version Alpha 6


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-Indicated RED door closure
-Moved door closure back a bit
-Added room around RED lower door to prevent spawn sniping
-Removed health at RED spawn
-Removed wall at BLU spawn
-Made ramp health medium instead of full
-Added window at ramp for BLU snipers
-Fixed hole in cave
-Made BLU forward spawn bigger
-Prevented BLU from entering forward spawn before Point B was capped
-Closed hole in the wall
-Added general hints/skips, added areaportals to bar area.

Thanks to all who helped test on the 31/3/17 Impromptu test!

Version Alpha 5
-Changed BLU spawn doors
-Changed fence
-Locks lower RED door after Point 3 has been captured
-Made ramps less steep
-Made cave roof taller
-Fixed a hole in BLU's second spawnroom
-Death pit works now
-Added clipping to bike
-Added sandbags to ramp
-Added arch to protect lower RED spawn door from snipers
-Moved first ammo & health to outside wall
-Removed ammo from upper RED spawn, made health there full, added a wall with window to protect from snipers
-Improved visibility

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with playtesting on the 30/3/2017 Impromptu playtest!

Version Alpha 4

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-Added airdrop at final
-Fixed clipping
-Added "secret"

Version A3
Added more spawns to comply with the gameday rules.
Download was broken.


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