LenovothinkpadT540 A3

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- Entirely redid the BLU SPAWN -> A area, now being much shorter and compact, drastically decreasing BLU walktimes to the point at the cost of losing some (imo) cool combat space.
- Max Time on the clock is now 10, as pub rules go.
- Decreased BLU spawn time for Last, Increased RED Spawn time for Last.
- Added new jump-pad route for the A-B connector that allows easier access to the highground, accessed from the cliff route
- Removed the old jumpad from the A-B connector
- Moved some cover around at A
- Replaced some funny hoodoos with flatter, more compact walls for cover in the A-B connector
- Moved BLU 2nd spawn further forwards, decreasing walk times to the B point.
- Removed the lower route into the side building at Last
- Added new catwalk at the highground windows at Last as a replacement for the previous jump-route that proved clunky when a sentry was up there
- Turned med healthpack at last into a small one on the RED high ground





Another small patch of an idea I had in the shower
we will never reach A3

The primary change is that I extended the building RED chills in @ A outwards into the A-B Connector while also offering a balcony into the connector, which offers a highground that overlooks the highground cliff-route of the connector, weakening RED's grip on that area and hopefully cementing the area as firmly BLU controlled, especially if BLU has an engineer that sets up a sentry there. This should generally make it less viable for RED to hold that far, easing BLUs approach.

Imp died during map last time but I still got some goods

- Fixed some displacement issues
- Added the obligatory pub force-respawn for RED after BLU caps a point
- Moved BLU spawn to the forward door after B is capped as a slight help for walktimes, unsure about further action until we get a proper test going
- some displacement height changes in the area after A
- minor, smaller adjustments
OK I have now eliminated almost all things that have peeved me before the upload I will NOT update it again until it has been tested bbbbbbbb
I changed more shit which I found awkward while I walked around in the map, mostly in the A to B connector area

I wont even say what I changed

you can test it now
I can't believe it
I've got a nightmare again
Can't remember
I was a knight and I'd lost
My shining armour
No direction that I could follow
Changed another thing that I thought was cringe before the map even got tested, the A-B "rock side route" got switched out with a lil building including step-hoodoos that allow you to get up on the roof and the lower area of the building with the jumpad got changed into a displacement ramp instead of the awkward jump.



The map wasnt even tested yet but my internal cringe sensors went off at both the lobby-ish area for A and the connector to blu spawn to A, causing me to experience intense nightmares about it. So I fixed it.

The connector Area from BLU spawn to A should be significantly easier to navigate, less awkward, and generally more interesting. In a similar note, the lobby-ish area has been given a bit more space and made easier to navigate by removing that one "thump". Also some small scaling changes here and there.

Screenshots of the new A connector/lobby can be found below. It keeps the same idea in mind, but simply executes it a lot better.