launch A4

blu team are invading a red "radar base" to stop them from launching a rocket

  1. the *honey i shrunk the map* update

    things that changed
    *the map got shrunk.
    'the A point courtyard
    'connections after A
    'C point
    'lowered B point "spire". its still quite tall.

    *blu spawn and forward spawn got a new lick of paint. now you can tell that its a blu spawnroom (it also shrunk abit because it was just stupidly big before)
    *changed so blu gets their forward spawn after capping A instead of when they cap B
    *added clipping to that glass panel in the right room on last.
    *the signage is now less confusing

    things that got added
    *patches under healthpacks(i forgot about them last version)
    *red got a forward spawn that is disabled when blu caps A
    *a few packs got added.

    things that i forgot to do...
    *forgot to add windows to spawnrooms. for now. just deal with it. :cool:
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