Latac a2

A simple, symetrical 5 cp map set in the middle of nowhere.

  1. SsnakeeTheDragon
    Welcome to my 5th map! As a celebration, I decided it was finally time to upload my creation to the interweb. This map has a few flaws, however I have been picking up techniques and knowledge over the years on improving. I have used new techniques (to me) such as;
    -3d skybox (yay)
    -nodraw on out-of-bounds
    -alpha blending
    -proper use of displacements
    -non power 4 displacements
    -health and ammo in appropriate locations
    -vertex tool
    and more!
    I am hoping for some constructive criticism, so see you in alpha 3!

    (side note, I have tested with bots, and managed to get a stalemate, so good balance!)

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  1. Alpha 2

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  1. TheFluffycart
    Version: a1
    Sorry, forgot a rating. Good map, but it's really flat, making snipers a bit overpowered. The holes leading into the points are also all lined up, which also is bad with snipers. Besides that, great brush work, the point timing feels fair, and is honestly a great a1!