72hr Landing 0.2 Reupload

Very under finished idea for the 72 hour jam

  1. Exothermic
    So unfortunately I miscalculated my time over the weekend. As of now, I have 9 hours before I have to be on a train up to uni, and there are still 30 hours left in the jam. Therefore this map is really under finished from what my original plan was.

    The map alternates between payload points and control points. This was to fit in with the frontline theme. When the cart reaches a point, an AA Battery must be aimed at a Zepplin. At the end of the alignment, the gun fires and the cart can move on to the next AA Battery. This occours another 2 times. On the third AA Battery, the Zepplin will fall from the sky.

    I will be working more on this map after the jam with actual cliffs, custom assets, working AA Batteries and other features.

    After the first AA Battery is taken, the spawn points move. (Blue takes Reds old spawn, and Red falls back)