Lager House Beta 2

Small storage area.

  1. Detail update

    Lazy Developer
    Just a quick new version.

    More detail
    Added stairs to the control point rather than the bad ramp
    Added a full health pack and full ammo pack (Bottom floor)
    Made the spawn rooms smaller
  2. The Mega Update (1st Beta)

    Lazy Developer
    Hello 20180203223049_1.jpg 20180203223027_1.jpg 20180203223037_1.jpg

    These are the new features and fixes:

    -New textures to replace the old repetative ones
    -Control point now works
    -Larger area
    -More props to fill that area

    Known bugs:

    -Only works in full Bright (Working on fix)
    -Bots on this map cause the game to close (Unable to fix without a nav mesh)
  3. Alpha 3 Test 1

    Lazy Developer
    Bugs known:

    -Cannot cap
    -bots crash the game (This map)
  4. The Anti-Spawncamp update

    Lazy Developer
    This update makes the much needed 2nd exit for both spawns. The second exit corridor currently has developer textures that have the colour of your team. Next update will include:

    -Some bug fixes
    -2nd exit textures
    -Exploit removal (If any)
    -And much more