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I hope this works.
- Platform added to outside of the right side exit.
- Fixed missing textures
along with… other stuff.
Update number: I'm officially too lazy to add update notes (for now at least).
- Fixed wall missing in red spawn (not nodraw, it was actually missing).
- Added small details.
- Replaced dev textures.
- Spawn and outside of spawn area moved up.
- Added ramps to outside area (trains).
- Added cover to "Banana" (right side from spawn).
- Fixed BLU having a medium health pack at "Banana" (right side from spawn) when they should've had a small one like on RED's side.
- Angled walls at spawn (so it is less empty).
- Added medium ammo to right side of the intelligence.
- Changed position of ammo near the intelligence.
- Changed door size (brush to model) to left outside area (to get rid of a nasty sightline).
- Added cover to outside (left area).
- Fixed minor bugs.
- Added "super secret" donator medals (inside map, obviously).