LabDepot A3

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LabDepot A3

Not where the science happens, but close!

A more "by the book" KOTH map for a beginner like me, so I could get some experience out of it. The focus was to make what would feel fun to play in, adding a bit of height variation to a sort of simple layout. This is my second map, so feedback is always appreciated.
Cat in the Grey Sweater
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King of the Hill
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  • Holiday Outhouse
    Holiday Outhouse
    Two houses in the middle of the forest (there will be trees, I promise).

Latest updates

  1. Basically, a new map

    Feedback gave me a lot to work on, so i just threw the old .vmf out the window and redesigned it from scratch (hence why it took so long), keeping some base elements that I wanted from the first one while trying to make the layout just better in...
  2. Now with signs!

    I added signs! And overlays! That's it! I forgot to do so the first time around, so now I might actually submit it to the discord bot now to get some real testing done! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.