koth_weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell rc2

Well but the middle is now 51 trains

  1. Whomobile
    Everyone remembers well for the trains, so why not have more of them?

    koth_weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell (that's 17 e's, 1 for every 3 trains) is a ma.. oh hang on a sec, I know what you're thinking; "Whomobile, koth_well isn't an official map? Why didn't you stretch out the CP or CTF version of well?" Well my friend there's this thing called the entity limit I kept hitting while trying to make this map, so I made the arena version into a KOTH map. Even after I did that I had to take the skybox trains out just to get the map to run.

    Seriously this map to forever to get working.

    Have fun. I'm not making any more of these kind of maps.

    weeeeeell1.jpg weeeeeell2.jpg weeeeeell3.jpg weeeeeell4.jpg weeeeeell5.jpg weeeeeell6.jpg weeeeeell7.jpg weeeeeell8.jpg weeeeeell9.jpg weeeeeell10.jpg

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