72hr koth_wartorn V3a

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72hr koth_wartorn V3a

Red and Blu fight over a bombed-out church.

This is a KOTH map in the frontline theme, centered around an old, ruined church.

hl2 2016-07-22 22-41-24-75.jpg

This is my first attempt at a TF2 map, so I expect it to be a big hot mess. Hopefully, with ample feedback and testing, it'll be less so by the end of the Jam!

I am currently testing to see what needs to be changed about the layout, I'm particularly worried about long sight lines. Although, any feedback is really appreciated!

Resources: The Frontline Supply Drop.
Boojum Snark's mapping resource pack,

(Pardon all the dump trucks. They're placeholders)
Dr. Hammer
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Didn't change anything, reuploaded due to website issues.

  2. Fixed version.

    This version has some optimization improvements, I also used VIDE this time so hopefully it's properly packed. *Crosses Fingers* Oh, while on the topic, does anyone know how to check to see if your map has all its assets packed? Is that even a...
  3. Final Version for the 72 Hr Jam.

    I think this is the best I can do in such a short time-span. Currently, there exists a general lack of detail in certain areas, and reports of poor optimization. Perhaps I'll work on those post-jam. But overall, I'm quite proud of what I've...